A Family of One’s Own

'23 Porto Photography Biennale

Every afternoon, in a social housing project in the outskirts of Porto, a group of girls aged 6 to 12 put their phones and social media to the side to talk and care for one another. Organised as an after school get-together by the charity association Cercar-te, this is a time and space where these girls find solace and companionship, where they can be vulnerable too.


Awarded a grant by Ci.CLO, I was welcomed in these intimate sessions of support and freedom. As the girls talked and hugged, giggled and braided each other’s hairs, they also found a safe space to grow.  A Family of One’s Own was selected by the Porto Photography Biennial and exhibited in large-format prints in São Bento Station, central Porto.


To have these moments, usually confined to the city’s periphery, displayed at its heart was a beautiful way for the girls to reclaim the city as their own.


The project was produced by Ci.CLO and funded by Fundación “La Caixa” and BPI Bank.


A group of children posing for a picture with a cell phone.
A close up of a woman's hair.
A girl wearing glasses and a furry hoodie.
A girl standing on top of a fence.
Two people touching each other's knees.
A young boy with a black hoodie is staring at the camera.
A close up of a pink coat with a bow on it.
Two girls laying on the ground.
A girl's hands tying up a pair of white sneakers.
A young girl with her eyes closed.
A skateboarder is riding a skateboard in front of a building at night.
A young girl in a fur coat is staring at the camera.
A child's hand holding a snail.
A girl is climbing on a pole in a playground.
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