Photography - Matilde Viegas

A close up of a man smiling.
Portraits of Sebastian Steudtner at his favorite beach in Nazaré, Portugal
Sebastian Steudtner
Portrait of Ai Weiwei In front of a white wall, looking away from the camera, captured on analog film
Portraits of the artist Ai Weiwei at his home in Portugal. Ai Weiwei photographed by Matilde Viegas for The Guardian Saturday Magazine.
Ai Weiwei
A plate of food on a table.
Portuguese Photographer Matilde Viegas photographs a lunch made at Branco de Cal - a family-run hospitality business set in Alentejo, Portugal. Its sustainable, slow living approach to tourism makes it the perfect destination for a vacation in Portugal.
Hospitality is a Family Affair
A woman working on a white floor with a paint brush.
Stucco and plaster artist Iva Viana works at her workshop in Northern Portugal. Photographed by Matilde Viegas for Konfekt Magazine.
Iva Viana’s Stucco
A man is holding a bunch of bananas in a net.
Local fisherman Manuel Tavares, in Afurada, Porto (Portugal) discusses the affects and consequences of incresing price fuel and inflation. He prefers to now work alone, having more control over his earnings.
Inflation Spikes in Europe
A wind turbine in the middle of a grassy field.
Wind turbine parks in Northern Spain, 1h away from San Ciprián. CREDIT: Matilde Viegas for The Wall Street Journal
Wind Power in Galicia
A red wall with palm trees painted on it.
The house of the architect João Pombeiro, in Abrantes, Portugal. The old Manor House is decorated with family heirlooms, art pieces and rugs Pombeiro purchased in Turkey and Morocco. Photographed by Matilde Viegas, words by Gaia Lutz, for Konfekt Magazine.
Memory Palace
A woman looking out the window of a train.
Matilde Viegas photographs the production, characters and crew of Sobre Todo La Noche, directed by Victor Iriarte. The feature film stars Lola Dueñas and Ana Torent.
Sobre Todo de Noche
Emeril Lagasse and EJ preparing to have lunch the restaurant "Taberna das Flores", in downtown Lisbon.
Emeril Lagasse
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