Azores: Island Life

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Remoteness acquires a new meaning in the Azores, the dramatic, volcanic archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. With nothing but miles of water all around, these nine islands of lush vegetation and rocky, black soil cast the mind to a faraway place of both melancholia and freedom.


During my visit to the archipelago in 2022, I felt that the landscapes and climate of the Azores inspired new ways of being – ways best expressed by the people who call these islands home.


From a weaver making colourful artisanal carpets, a journalist turned tile designer and a poet turned island publisher, I encountered a special bunch of people in the Azores who seemed to have found in these islands an untamed source of creativity.


Commissioned by Matthew Beaman for Konfekt Magazine. Words by Chiara Rimella.


A dirt road with a mountain in the background.
A woman in a garden.
A small house with a red roof sitting on top of a hill.
A woman's hand is holding a bunch of daisies.
A living room with a wooden ceiling.
A white goat standing in a grassy field.
An older man sitting in a chair in front of a stone wall.
A bed in a room.
A window on a ship with a view of the ocean.
A group of people on a boat with a portuguese flag.
A woman wearing a straw hat in front of a wall.
A small island in the middle of a body of water.
A woman in a red dress holding a blue and white tile.
A woman in a red dress standing on a stone wall.
A picture of a mountain in a wooden frame.
A dining room with a wooden table and chairs.
A man standing in front of wine barrels.
A group of people sitting at tables in a restaurant.
A boat on a dock with people swimming in the water.
A field of green plants and a body of water.
A man holding a frisbee in a field.
A horse with its head over a metal fence.
A woman sitting at a piano.
A pair of blue and white clogs on a rug.
Two people walking up a rocky path.
A man is standing on a ladder in the water.
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