Manufacturing the LEMAIRE Sandals


Helmed by Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran, LEMAIRE is a high-end fashion brand inspired by a timeless Parisian style. Using high-quality fabrics in soft colour palettes of neutral, earthy and muted shades, LEMAIRE pieces are made to last through generations.


In 2022, I headed to Aveiro in Portugal to document the artisanal production of LEMAIRE’s new unisex sandals. The scale and skills of Portugal’s industries has made the country increasingly sought after by brands which, like LEMAIRE, focus on small collections of carefully crafted and sustainably produced pieces. In combining quality, age-old craftsmanship and the flexibility to innovate and experiment in design, Portugal’s at the forefront of a new kind of luxury.


Observing the dexterity of the craftspeople behind this elegant shoe ware was impressive. The sandals are constructed from a single piece of leather in a multi-step process which, with the exception of the laser-cutting, is entirely manual.


Commissioned by LEMAIRE. Art directed by Luce Roux.


Lemaire Sandals Manufactured in Portugal
A man wearing a black shirt.
How to make a leather shoe.
A bunch of green shoes on a shelf.
A person cutting a piece of leather.
A room full of shoes on a shelf.
A hammer on top of a green book.
A man is working on a shoe.
A man working on a shoe.
A black phone lying on a white floor.
A man is working on a pair of shoes.
A person working on a sewing machine.
A man is using a machine in a factory.
A man working on a machine.
Shoes hanging on a rack in a shoe store.
A person sitting on a chair in a room.
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