Quality of Life Report: Lisbon

Monocle Magazine

Every year Monocle magazine releases its “Quality of Life” survey within the July/August edition of the magazine. The survey ranks cities around the world on their quality of life and in 2023 Lisbon made it to the top ten, being praised as a city which continues to get the simple things right: safety, community, hospitality and proximity to nature.


As someone who’s originally from (much smaller) Porto, Lisbon’s energy can at times feel challenging to me. Between the old-world charms of the historical centre and the energy of an increasingly cosmopolitan capital, there’s a lot to take in. Still, as I wandered the busy streets with my camera, I was surprised at how much community is still a part of Lisbon.


I discovered pockets of green space where locals got together to chat and soak up the sun and observed long lunches enjoyed in a communal fashion.


At the end of the day it’s the relationships between residents which make a city, and in my eyes, it’s these very humane connections which make quality of life in Lisbon special after all.


Commissioned by Matthew Beaman for Monocle Magazine. Words by Gaia Lutz.




A group of people laying on the ground near a pond.
A man walking a dog near a body of water.
A table with a lot of food on it.
A sandy beach with a lot of people on it.
A group of people at a restaurant.
A group of people sitting at a table outdoors.
A person riding a scooter.
A person is sitting under a tree in a park.
A man and woman jogging in front of the golden gate bridge.
A group of people walking down a cobblestone street.
A plate of food on a table.
A yellow building with a green awning.
A man sitting at a table with a camera.
A group of children playing in a park.
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